We started with a simple observation: there is a recurrent decline in the quality of horsehair on the market, which poses a problem of reliability and stability for musicians when they play. We travelled to Mongolia to identify the sources of the problem and to understand how horsehair is harvested, to talk to horse breeders and to visit their farms. We realised that climate change is impacting on the quality of pastures, which in turn is affecting the horses' diet and therefore the quality of their hair. 

In addition, the increase in demand for horsehair has led to some drifting : producers have lowered their selection requirements. Some chemically bleach the hair, which considerably weakens it. It was therefore necessary to find an alternative to natural horsehair of animal origin.

As a violin maker by profession, we are familiar with the very traditional and structured market for rubbed body instruments. We wanted to bring a real innovation to the product, respecting the traditions and with a modern touch, to ensure stability and playing comfort for the musicians. In addition, Coruss takes into account the environmental issues that are currently affecting our society.

We have been researching for almost 3 years, looking for an alternative fibre. After many tests, we succeeded in creating a synthetic hair that surpassed our expectations! This is how Coruss, the new generation of synthetic horsehair, is born.